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By Iván Zaro

“Life through the mirror”
There is a clear difference between two types of diseases:
accidental and acquired illnesses. The former tend to arouse compassion and
support among citizens, the media, and even among healthcare professionals
creating a favorable environment for people diagnosed share their status
with the world and seek support in their healing or improvement process.
Acquired diseases, those that are preventable and therefore avoidable,
do not receive the same social consideration. The diagnosis is accompanied by
stigma associated with the belief that necessarily something bad has been done
to become infected. This categorization of health is so perverse and unfair
as real and palpable in many areas of everyday life. The author, Iván Zaro,
invites you to know about the testimonies of men and women diagnosed
with HIV who faced their own fears and a part of the society that considers
them guilty of having acquired the disease. HIV has become an excuse to reject
homosexuals, migrants, the poor, and drug addicts, this is, the others.
We will accompany these people during the grief and the difficult times they
are subjected to and how to thank to the resilience they were able to rebuilt
their lives to coexist with a virus that it has not only conditioned their
health but also their labor, personal, sexual and loving relationships.

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