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By Iván Zaro

“The hard easy life”

Male prostitution is an apparently invisible world from which very little has
been written and whose existence is not known in depth. In this book, some
sex workers share, for the first time, their more intimate emotions in a life
surrounded by social stigma.


Each chapter focuses on the main places where male prostitution occurred:
nightlife venues, saunas with exclusively male clientele; in apartments managed
by third parties, street prostitution; through new technologies and
the internet; or the sex industry and porn.


Sex workers offering special services also appear, like sadomasochism and
transvestism, discovering the characteristics of each of these scenarios and
their codes and rules of the game. But, Is there life beyond prostitution?
As response, you will be able to know three men who decided to quit sex work.


George Cv: Nuestro equipo
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