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Dr. Ezequiel Ruiz-Mateos, PhD is a senior researcher at the Andalusian Health Service after being appointed to the “Nicolás Monardes” program. He is Co-Principal Investigator at the Biomedicine Institute of Seville (IBiS) in the Laboratory of HIVinfection and Pharmacokinetics of Antivirals.

His whole scientific carrier has been focused on HIV immunopathogenesis. At the start of his scientific career, his interests were focused on how HIV-infected patients were able to reconstitute their immune system after the introduction of the first potent suppressive antiretroviral agents. He found that thymic function was playing an important role in this phenomenon. These studies were performed at the Hospital Virgen del Rocio of Seville in the Viral Hepatitisand AIDS Study Group (Dr. Manuel Leal) where he obtained his PhD. In 2004 he joined the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology (Prof. Mark Marsh) at the University College of London (Medical Research Council) to analyze how HIV was able to exploit the cell machinery for its own benefit, specifically studying the biology of HIV assembly in macrophages. In 2008, he joined the Biomedicine Institute of Seville.

His main research line is now focused on the understanding of the immune mechanisms that allows the socalled “HIV controllers” to spontaneously control HIV replication in the absence of treatment, with the aim of translating these findings into immunotherapeutic strategies for the control and eradication of HIV infection.

Dr. Ruiz-Mateos is a member of the Steering Committee of the Spanish AIDSResearch Network (RIS). He is co-coordinator of the Immunopathogenesis Program and Coordinator of the cohort of HIV-controllers of RIS (ECRIS Cohort). He participates in numerous national and international collaborations with top research groups in the field of HIV immunopathogenesis. He acts as referee in high impact journals in the field of infectious diseases and as scientific advisor in national and international organizations.

Dr. Ruiz-Mateos has published more than 90 scientific articles in high impact international journals, he has participated as a senior author in 50% of them inthe last 9 years and he has participated in more than 90 communications in national and international meetings.

He has got an H-index of 22 and has directed 6 PhD thesis.

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