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Dissemination of scientific knowledge led by today's drivers of HIV science.

                HIV&Co is a new platform of communication inspired by the need to promote and give visibility to
researchers and their excellent work encompassing all areas of the HIV field, including basic science,
clinical and translational research, epidemiology and global public health.

            HIV&Co desires to provide a credible source of scientific knowledge and news in the HIV field in an
educational and enjoyable way to the wider public audience—i.e., medical/scientific reporters,
educators and policy-makers—using a wide array of communication formats such as expert
interviews, science communications articles and mini-documentaries. This platform will also aim to
encourage the new generation of early-career scientists and researchers by promoting their work and
providing the needed space for interacting with senior career researchers. HIV&Co also
intends to break stereotypes, promote equality and diversity and the interaction Art&Science.

            Our editorial team itself encompasses an international group of outstanding, committed and
dedicated researchers who are actively and passionately engaged in diverse areas of HIV research at
renowned institutions around the world, backed by a panel of distinguished honorary scientists who
are leaders in the HIV field. They have inspired a whole new generation of young researchers through
their work and continue to show their support by kindly agreeing to partake in this project. 


            Welcome to HIV&Co, the up-to-date forum for scientific information dissemination,
led by today’s drivers of HIV science.

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